Why is the firefly considered a 6 star?

(That Car Guy) #1

After seeing a few people with the m4 Sherman VC “firefly,” I started to wonder why it had a special border and how someone could get a VC. Then I started to wonder why the firefly was so special at 6 stars when it was no better than a tiger 2 or a t34-85 in real life.

(Louis) #2

I can’t tell you from a development standpoint why the developers made one tank more powerful than another, nor what their standards are for assigning ranks, but I noticed in particular that M5A1 (China) - a 5/6-star tank - is statistically weaker than M24 “Chaffee” - a 4/5-star tank - on base stat totals alone, which is especially evident in their EX forms. I can’t explain the special border either, but I do know that Radley is an event-only tank, so you will have to wait until the next event she’s available in to be able to get her.

(空跡) #3

If you know her background to know why so strong, she is a hero, unique, if other fireflies will not be as strong as her later, if the engraved D-day, please do not miss.I use the Google translation, if you have any mistake, please forgive me.

(Han) #4

Speaking of EX forms, how do I obtain them?

(藤井ゆうき) #5

★ Remodel at what level ? ★

If you don’t remember when can remodel your tank girls ,
here is a little tips can help you :

First , get into states list ,
and you will find a button " Remodel " in the buttom .
Click that button ,
it will show you how much resources that remodel needs .
Press that " OK " botton ,
if your tank girls not reach the remodel level ,
system will showing massage to you ,
and you will know when can remodel she .

☆ ★ ☆ Notice ☆ ★ ☆

After remodel will clear all strengthen effect !!
so don’t worry about your tank girls will weakness then other players .
Some tank girls can remodel twice ,
you can strengthen them after first remodel ,
it will let you more easily to training them .

i post in Line note ,
after remodel , tank girls will be EX .

(Han) #6

Oh… Thanks! Will give it a shot!

(Chsgamer Philip) #7

And my jagpanther only 4-5 stars its more better than a firefly
The firefly gun only to penetrate a tiger 1 armor

(Exvert Gaming) #8

If you have 128mm lol
But never compare to History cuz its just a game for a meantime