Why is the firefly considered a 6 star?

After seeing a few people with the m4 Sherman VC “firefly,” I started to wonder why it had a special border and how someone could get a VC. Then I started to wonder why the firefly was so special at 6 stars when it was no better than a tiger 2 or a t34-85 in real life.

I can’t tell you from a development standpoint why the developers made one tank more powerful than another, nor what their standards are for assigning ranks, but I noticed in particular that M5A1 (China) - a 5/6-star tank - is statistically weaker than M24 “Chaffee” - a 4/5-star tank - on base stat totals alone, which is especially evident in their EX forms. I can’t explain the special border either, but I do know that Radley is an event-only tank, so you will have to wait until the next event she’s available in to be able to get her.

If you know her background to know why so strong, she is a hero, unique, if other fireflies will not be as strong as her later, if the engraved D-day, please do not miss.I use the Google translation, if you have any mistake, please forgive me.

Speaking of EX forms, how do I obtain them?

★ Remodel at what level ? ★

If you don’t remember when can remodel your tank girls ,
here is a little tips can help you :

First , get into states list ,
and you will find a button " Remodel " in the buttom .
Click that button ,
it will show you how much resources that remodel needs .
Press that " OK " botton ,
if your tank girls not reach the remodel level ,
system will showing massage to you ,
and you will know when can remodel she .

☆ ★ ☆ Notice ☆ ★ ☆

After remodel will clear all strengthen effect !!
so don’t worry about your tank girls will weakness then other players .
Some tank girls can remodel twice ,
you can strengthen them after first remodel ,
it will let you more easily to training them .

i post in Line note ,
after remodel , tank girls will be EX .

Oh… Thanks! Will give it a shot!

And my jagpanther only 4-5 stars its more better than a firefly
The firefly gun only to penetrate a tiger 1 armor

If you have 128mm lol
But never compare to History cuz its just a game for a meantime