what's the purpose of Exchange code? >w<


I fixed the setting :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: my bad the id is twiceslai. Not the one with caps

(藤井ゆうき) #42

sorry bro ,
it’s still not work , too .

It’s holiday in China now ,
maybe waiting official members back to work ,
I’m just a game player ,
can’t do very well .

(Disgusting Weeb) #43

Ah, this is a bit embaressing but can you invite me too? :sweat_smile:


Its blutundstahl

(藤井ゆうき) #44

invitation is sending :slight_smile:

(Disgusting Weeb) #45

Thank you very much!

(Christian Lopez) #46

Why did the friend code disappear

(藤井ゆうき) #47

i don’t know ,
it can’t input code now .

(宋爱娜1999) #48

You don’t mind if you send the invite as well, for line? I don’t have QQ.

(藤井ゆうき) #49

you needs search my LINE ID ,
or told me your LINE ID .

(宋爱娜1999) #50

Oh right, I just set my ID now. It’s bxiwScreenshot_20190117-013604_LINE2

(藤井ゆうき) #51

i have sending invitation to you .

(Christian Lopez) #52

The exchange code is back .how do I get the code.
Thanks black cat

(藤井ゆうき) #53

you needs sending screen shots to 装甲战姬 in LINE app ,
the screen shot for 5★ rating in app store .

(Christian Lopez) #54

Gave it 5 stars then I got this message from caprice

“The commander in the course of the the game to meet any problems or have comments or suggestion on the pander girls of the game, in this small series of sincerely invite you to join the official qq group) or 572062190 armored Line groups ( search ID: panzergirls). find the customer feedback baby ~join also have a reward”

(Christian Lopez) #55

Line 77butter77
5* review
Pic sent

Anything else :slight_smile:

(K K) #56

Can I get an invite too? My ID is invitecodesmile

(藤井ゆうき) #57

invitation is sending :smile_cat:

(Blaz Odst) #58

Can i get a invite please

(藤井ゆうき) #59

invitation is sending :cat:


Can you add me? My id is: Cream of Tartar
Thanks :slight_smile: