Trouble getting Morser Karl


Anyone having the issue of getting a Morser Karl? I’ve been trying to get it for almost a year already and still couldn’t get it. Is it a time limited event build thing? If you have gotten one (or more), would you mind sharing the recipe?

FYI, I’m past level 50 already.

(藤井ゆうき) #2

I’m using all 830 rss to build ,
and get 3 of her .

maybe you can trying to rush event boss ,
it’s have a little chance to get .


Thanks Yuuki. I’m going to test it as soon as my rss are recharged. Ran out of resources after going nuts with using all 999 rss to build previously.

(Christian Lopez) #4

Got it using 830 rss like how the black :cat: said. That has been how I’ve gotten most of my high star girls currently lvl 71

(藤井ゆうき) #5

using all 830 rss to build was let you have chance to get higher rank tanks ,
it will avoid you to get MT and LT .
some higher rank tanks will drop from Map 5 & 6 ,
you can trying to get them .