Small problems noticed by a American player

I have noticed on the tactical screen before a battle some of the bubbles have the words continuing out of sight. The ones i can recall off the top of my head is Stick-To-War, Armored Spearhead, Swarming, and Elastic Defence. I believe Blitzkrieg and Charge have text that properly fits the the text bubbles. Sorry about not putting this in the appropriate category (the category titles are mostly in Chinese I think? Can’t really read them sorry). Hopes this helps the game get even better!

Before the battle is tactical choice, different tactics can have different effects, sometimes very useful, such as suitable for medium-sized tanks and light tank lightning war, and boss battle when the flexibility of defense. The lower left corner of the battle is props, can be used in the battle, sometimes the effect is very good. Google Translate

Thanks for suggest.

I record it and respond it to other developers. And we will make it better in future version.

他應該是指某些戰術的英文描述延長到框框(speech bubble)外了,並提出修改的要求