Should I keep my team or try for a new better tank to replace another tank in exchange for level?

I currently have a team of 6 star tanks including Maus, Ferdinand, IS-7, type 59, G.A Tiger, and Karl. However I want to get a tank such as a t95 but I’m afraid she will get useless since my team is level 60-90, meaning she won’t be able to hit and keep getting destroyed. This might make it hard for her to level up.

I wouldn’t worry about whether she will get destroyed regularly or not. As long as she isn’t actually destroyed by being careless, she will continue to gain experience and eventually level up to a reasonable level comparative to the map and stage you’re on. Sure, the first few levels will be rough for her depending on what stage you’re on, but eventually she’ll be just fine. I have consistently swapped out tanks over the course of the game as I got better and better tanks, so I ended up with a lot of tanks in the 40-50 level range. My 59-16 LT was dropped in the late stages of Area 5, but she’s now Lv. 72 when most of my main tanks are in their upper 80s or mid 90s. It might cost some more resources to repair your new tank for a little while, but ultimately everything will work out if you just keep using her.

Thank you to replying to both my questions

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