Purchasing Diamonds

(Pakura Ameyuri) #1

So I’m trying to buy the $19.99 diamond pack, but nothing happens when I press purchase

(月神夜一) #2

ask them ~>6 hour later …china is 12 pm now.is time for sleep.

(★牧野流星★) #3

Normally, It 's the google play not replay. You can try later. Or give us more info about it like pictures.
We will try our best to help you.

(Pakura Ameyuri) #4

I just had to reinstall google play and clear the cache, it’s good now. Bought the diamonds.
I hope this game goes well, as I might be spending more on it eventually and it’d be a shame to see such a fun game just disappear…


I had this problem too. I contacted Google for an initial refund since there’s no proper support contact system (I.e. ticket system). I got my initial refund but decided to give them a second chance after they got in touch with me. The purchase went thru the next time for me.

Feel free PM me if you’d like the contact person’s email address