Login/loading problem

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Hello there o7 i new here so dont know exactly where this go. Well the game always get stuck at loading … Missions (51/52) in my phone. Anyone know or have this same problem?
Thx :slight_smile:

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You may be able to try to uninstall and then install?

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Maybe a network problem? We play very normal, perhaps some models are not compatible? I went to the developer and talk about the problem. Google Translate

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Thx for aswering, but i already Re-instal the game many times :'v.
The game runs perfectly in my Tablet but not in my phone. (LG k10 LTE)
A friend have the same problem with it, just wondering why :s.

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reinstall game → reboot smart phone → update game

sometimes hugh size game needs reboot smart phone .
you can try it :3

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May I have your cell phone number, please? I’ll ask the developer (meteor) for you. Google translation results

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New season’s “blood blockade battlefront” out, I feel good ah! It was updated this morning.

(★牧野流星★) #8

You should keep do as below:

  1. Remove client completely from your phone.
  2. Download the client from google play or our website(http://panzergirls.capricegame.com/)
  3. Install the client again.

If the problem is also existed , Please contact us again. I hope this can help your.

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這玩意本來是做給國內用戶的,但是部分用戶出現了無法從google play下載的時候也可以看用來救命

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