Locked teams

First of all, I tried search similar forum problems like this, but I can not find one solution.
Second, this photo is my girlfriend’'s team she’s playing PanzerGirl, is leven 27 with 30,20s ranked girls and don’t have additonal team’s to use to go on expedition to gain resources and other items.
Anyone offer a solution or a link to a forum I could not find a solution. Thank you.

doing main mission ,
some squad mission that needs put require tanks in squad .
complete it will award unlock teams .

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@Yuuki_Fujii thank you for the solution. Greatly appreciated.

I’m just adding to the original answer, but some of the missions that do unlock extra slots seem to be locked behind earlier team composition missions. Like for my/the fourth one, I wasn’t able to see the mission until I completed the earlier ones.
Main point is, if you happen to have the tanks for the missions put them together really quick. It might open up the right missions.


You can unlock the other teams by Finishing The Mission like “Organize team with xxx and xxx”.(the mission like pic below)

Then you will unlock the other teams quickly.