KV2 cannon problem

If we upgrade the KV2 to get a 152mm cannon, uninstalling it would not let you put it back on. Fixing this would be great after I spent a while trying to level the tank up for a while.

HT only can equipped 130 mm .
so if you unequipped 152 mm ,
then you can’t equipped again .

I’m aware of that, it’s why it needs to be fixed

maybe you think that is bug ,
but it’s original in test version ,
LT can equipped 600mm ,
it’s terrible :fearful::fearful::fearful:

I ment as in since the kv2 was able to have the 152, the kv2 should be the only heavy tank to be able to equip a 152

oh , many players had suggested it .
but you know , some players was not think so .
them just says you should be more carefully ,
that don’t that any stupid things .:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Well the LT can reach 76mm
MT is 120mm which is the caliber of British Royal Ordinance
HT is 130mm due to IS-7
TD can reach 155mm due to T95 ATG
600mm SPG to Karl