Is there still a community? Is there still development?

(Dark4ngel) #1

Are there people still playing this game? I actually really like it. Are the devs active?

(Phyrus Rullan) #2

I think it’s dead, if you look the statistics ther’s just 6/7 players still active weekly, and ther’s not new messages in the forum, and what’s worse the admins aren’t answering about the problems with diamonds purchase

(Dark4ngel) #3

Truly unfortunate.

(Phyrus Rullan) #4

Yes, I played like 2 years ago and it was really funny, so i tried to install it again few weeks ago just to find that

(Full Of Freedom Wr) #5

I still play I haven’t in a while because there was no friend update and I couldn’t revive the nearly maxed out battle girls I lost. I’m also upset to find out that it doesn’t support Facebook users anymore. My entire account got deleted but I’m starting over because I still have faith in this game. :slight_smile: so don’t lose hope even when things seem inevitable

(Phyrus Rullan) #6

:crossed_fingers:t2:lets hope

(Phyrus Rullan) #7

Search panzer waltz on appstore