I'm so sad..

A month ago I mistakenly bought the package.
I bought 18 packages to expand the capacity.
I tried to contact the line for a refund, but I was denied.
I spent about $ 400 on this game.
the game was fun enough that I did not think it was a waste.
The capacity already over 800. What should I do with the remaining packages?
Get advice plz :frowning:

it’s difference to everyone ,
just bought what you want .

i bought all skins : )

I bought something that was useless at all.
If i mistakenly buy skin i’m not disappointed.
But i bought 1800 capacity package about 5000dia.
Wherever useless item.
I’m so sad :frowning:

oh , sorry about to hear that .
i don’t know that if you contact to costumer service , they will how to solution it .

some package seems like no limit ,
when you bought at previous event ,
you still can bought new package same as it ,
but you can’t using it . :tired_face::tired_face: