How people got the rare tank like MAUS, FERDINALAND,JAGTIGER, ETC, ?


i never ever get even i’m lvl 72 right now, each time i try to get it in factory i always get the low tank each resources i used, how they can get at early game while i never ever get it at all? ;-; i really piss off by this point, they very overpower after all, when Tier 6 TD can easily rekt my team XD i just can’t do anything unless i got lucky if they miss a lot,(i call them by tier)

anyone know why/how they got it? are they lucky? or just coincidencely get by using bunch of resources in early game? the first time i ever see is some where in lvl 50 or 60 everyone have those tank already so why i never get? or maybe they using diamond for resources and spamming hoping for the rare tank in the factory? i’m curious

right now i try to get EX-2 TD, Hetzer, and SU-76 in progress road to EX-2, cause i never get it win without them ;-; sigh

this is my opinion sorry if this to long,

(藤井ゆうき) #2

Ferdinand :
seems like drop after map 5-4 .
i have get she over 3 times in mp 6-3 boss point .

Jagtiger :
drop in map 6-2 , 6-3 boss point .

IS-7 :
drop in map ?-4 boss point .
sorry , i don’t get drop ,
so forget the correct map .

Maus , T95 , Karl , KV-2 , KV-4 :
only build in factory ,
them are very rarely tanks .
front 3 tanks need use over 800 resources .
here is test from elite players …

Maus : 800,600,800,300
T95 : 500,800,800,300
Karl : 700,600,800,800

don’t waste too many to build ,
if your luck is empty ,
you will very angry and get nothing .


oh okay then, thanks for the information for the build

unfortunately i already did spend all my resources building for rare tank XD sadly, i didn’t get anything at all what a waste.

(藤井ゆうき) #4

don’t worry ,
maybe next time will get them :wink:

(空跡) #5

This is a problem of probability (luck), I played a year of time, the construction of the probability of ascension to obtain T95, feel I this old players always have no new players good luck, I play a lot of games are the same, like my luck was robbed, by those new players.I feel that this translation software is stupid, and I can’t translate my meaning correctly. I need to constantly revise it, then translate it, and then use the translation result to confirm whether there is any mistake.

(空跡) #6

In Chinese, there is a saying that “玄不救非,氪不改命”, which means that it is impossible to save the bad luck of people with superstitious or magical means, and it is the same with money. I feel that I need to accumulate my own luck, not always to build. Chinese words is called “有心插花花不發,無心插柳柳成蔭” probably means: deliberately to do some things for some purpose, is the result of not getting what you want, instead, sometimes inadvertently things succeeded. I feel like I’m not so hungry for a rare tank after getting T95, and sometimes getting some rare tanks while doing the daily tasks.I really can’t have too much hope on translation software to translate Chinese, I translate Chinese into English, copy it again, and then reverse translation into Chinese feel stupid, the connotation of translation software can’t understand Chinese, if there are any errors, please forgive me, my English is not good, can only through the translation software.


oh i see,

I understand well what you say ^~^ don’t worry about it.

I dunno I feel like my luck is very low, like for some reason they or new players looks like got the rare tank very often, it’s pretty hard but at least that’s what challenging this game is, my only hope for now is grinding those EX2 TD, SU-76 and Hetzer if i spell correctly, my English not very good, but i think the game translation are really bad, it makes me confused what to do and not to do (compass-chan tips)

anyway thank you for you’re opinion, it must be hard for veteran player like you playing half year and didn’t get rare tank at all, when i get at least Tier 5 or Tier 6 tank i always satisfied with it and then moving on to next objective searching for new tanks again,

if you don’t mind, what’s you’re level? mine lvl 73 now

(空跡) #8

I have been playing this game for one year. But I’m lazy. I’m just LV 83.And what is your game language? Suggestions for improvement to game translation can be made to the developer.


I choose English language, but yet some of the translation are very wrong, some of them, fairy compass most likely doesn’t really give a good tips and making me become confused whatsoever,

(空跡) #10

I think you can make a separate suggestion. Write down what you think should be improved.

(Stephen) #11

I also got two Jagdtigers in 2 days from the following combos:
800, 500, 800, 500
550, 800, 800, 500

I think the key there was the steel. It’s still largely luck reliant, but I think the recipes help raise your chances of getting a specified category. For example, SPG and TD both seem to require high steel counts from my tries. I’m not sure if anyone has started building a set of collected data yet or not to try to figure them out more precisely.

There’s also some info in this thread:


“don’t waste too many to build ,
if your luck is empty” what does this mean?

(藤井ゆうき) #13

it’s means you using your fortunately to build ,
maybe will spend your all fortune ,
so you will always get bad luck .