How or where to gain these tanks?

Does anyone know how to gain thr MTs M26 Pershing or E-50, the LT M5A1 (China) or the SPG B-4 Howitzer? I see some lucky commanders and I just would like to know how or in what way to gain these tanksus.

M26 , M5A1 , B-4
is old event gift .

E50 is drop in map 4 and after .

Thank you so much!

Map 4-3 “Ukraine” can gain M5A1(China)

Map 5-1 “Sicily” boss point will drop E-50 which has a very little chance.

B-4 Howitzer is a gift of July ~ August event “Operation Weserübung”

M26 Pershing is a gift of September event “Case Yellow”

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Oh , sorry .

M8A1 just event gift .
M5A1(China) is drop in map 4 and after .

I’m just a cat ,
can’t remember tank number at all .
sorry :cry:

so are the event tanks permanently inaccessible, or do the events cycle yearly?

just waiting for event reboot :slight_smile: