How do I win battles

(Kenan ) #1

I’m new to this game and I suck at it. I can’t get past the last level on stage 2. How do I change my tactics. My team has a Tiger I, VK 36.01, M6, JPanzer IV, Stug III and a VK 30.01.

(藤井ゆうき) #2

LT → using for scout enemy ,
when enemy have a eye mark ,
your team will get bonus .

MT → balance tank ,
all costs is cheaper than HT .

HT → Sub attacker , have good armor .

TD → Main attacker , very important .

SPG → Support attacker ,
can shooting bullet before battle ,
armor likes glass .

you can change your team members ,
using different type tanks to get balance .

(Kenan ) #3

But my mediums have low pen and can’t do anything against enemy heavies