Good tank drop point


Hello, where are good tanks drop point on the map?
For example jadtiger from map 6 etc…
I need help because i dont have luck on factory build so i think i must depend on the drop :sweat_smile:
Thanks and sorry for my bad english


Wait does that mean there’s one for maus???
Cause I havnt had any luck in the factory for maus. Sure I got KV 4 and Is 3 but still no luck.

(藤井ゆうき) #3

Tiger Ausf. B (HT) will drop at map 2-1 & 2-4 boss point ,
SU-122A (SPG) will drop at map 6-1 boss point ,
Jagdtiger (TD) will drop at map 6-2 boss point ,
M103 (HT) will drop at map 6-3 boss point .

IS-7 (HT) will drop at map 5-?
(sorry , i forgot which map )

KV-2 , KV-4 , Maus , T95 , Morser Karl ,
them are only get from build or drop at event map .

(Christian Lopez) #4

Recently did an experiment I had been saving up my workers till I had 50 the decided to go all out and spend all of it. Using 830 on each of the values and got some decent results. No maus no Karl no jag But 3 Ferdinand
2 kv4
2 tiger aus
1 t95
1 gw panther
The latter 41 was pretty much your commons you get from random drops. Those were my odds. Spent 50 works so I’m assuming that your Odds of getting maus or any one of those is less than 1% . been trying for some time for me to get
Jag or karl but no luck whatsoever.