EX Remould


Can I remould multiple times?
Iv done it once but can I do more than once?

(藤井ゆうき) #2

only them can remould twice .


What do i need to remould them a second time?

(藤井ゆうき) #4

i forgot ,
LT seems like Lv 50 ,
MT seems like Lv 55 ,
TD seems like Lv 65 & Lv 70 ,
SPG seems like Lv 75 .


What about heavy tanks?

(藤井ゆうき) #6

HT can’t remould twice ,
just for balance to game .


Oh well that sucks

well I guess only 3 can remould a 2nd time

(藤井ゆうき) #8

no , your team members only can remould once .

the 8 of tank girls in my photo ,
just them can remould twice .


Oh well team 2 has hetzer so i guess I can remould one twice
I wished I could have remoulded panther a second time cause she gets defeated the quickest.

(藤井ゆうき) #10

panther is strong for firepower ,
NC-31 is strong for armor ,
M2 is strong for detective (scout) ,
BT-2 is strong for speed and avoid .