Events drops

Back in the Battle of Moscow event, there were certain nodes where drops of holiday furniture can be obtained. But isn’t that a little…resource heavy for the newer commanders who haven’t really gotten enough experience with the game? As a fellow commander and a teitoku (Japanese for admiral…KanColle reference Lol) the furniture shouldn’t be a drop in those events, and neither should the holiday skins for your tankusu…I like calling them that, don’t judge. There is already a store for both the furniture and for your tankusu, just use those. I understand that getting free furniture and free skins is cool, considering the price of diamonds each cost, but its better than just paying everything with actual money you have to put into yen (another KanColle reference)…if your poor, your poor. For the rich commanders, you can afford this. Comment down below for your opinion on this! I’ll be posting often and if you have any questions concerning about this specific topic or anything else, I’m here!

Activity can produce some special furniture and clothing, actually a lot of great players furniture is a rare car in the plane when obtained, by the way, as for the shop sells clothes, personal speculation: in addition to the wedding dress to buy, other clothing can get free, theory, because someone had been open box of swimsuit, but I’m not sure if other can pass box.Translate software results.