Current event - Ioannina too hard


I’m struggling to beat Ioannina on lieutenant level (level 2). I’m level 85 with strong tanks but in last battle tanks are over level 200. Wondering if its a mistake and unintentionally overpowered. If not does anyone have any tips on how to win the final battle?

(藤井ゆうき) #2

i have passed event at before time ,
here is link :


Thanks! Problem is, I sometimes get to boss point on event map 2 on lieutenant level, but always lose. So hard to get there. Can’t figure out best combination and boss battle seems too overpowered.


Lol. Just got to the boss on level 4 with my maxed out lvl 80 army on the easiest level and lost! I am missing something with this game. I dont see any way to make my armies stronger. Seems to me impossible to win on higher levels.

(Pakura Ameyuri) #5

It is possible, but it seems that a certain condition must be fulfilled to weaken the boss
As of right now, for map 4 I’m not sure what that condition is, as it’s just been happening to me randomly
One boss fight my jagdtiger gets insta-killed, another it completely destroys the boss

(Pakura Ameyuri) #6

It turns out a specific route has to be used for this map (similar to the previous four maps) that allows the boss to be easily damaged.
Though it lets you do damage easily, the boss will hit just as hard so be prepared.